Apart from loss liquidation we also provide services within the framework of valuation of properties, movables, as well as machines and devices.
We have carried out a number of different valuations of properties, machines and devices for all industry branches. Our documents are compliant with formal and factual requirements stipulated in legal regulations and professional standards, and are characterized by great legibility and aesthetic qualities. 

We provide our clients with:


Valuation of buildings and premises for the purpose of insurance

Valuation of buildings and premises for the purpose of insurance constitutes a source of determining proper insurance sum. A properly concluded insurance agreement is the agreement based on insurance sum given in newly replacement values. We guarantee professional and objective estimation of values of uninsured buildings and premises in order to determine an insurance sum in a proper way. The subjects of valuation are industrial, production, commercial and office buildings.

A properly concluded insurance agreement is based on properly determined value of insured property. The following tables show differences in values related to risk of underinsurance.

Establishment 1

  Gross book value Net book value Market value Newly replacement value
Buildings and premises 48 502 082 42 450 330 45 355 960 56 405 690
Machines and devices 130 692 938 121 124 521 92 015 380 141 613 460

Establishment 2

  Gross book value Net book value Market value Newly replacement value
Buildings and premises 36 200 091 27 614 531 29 979 870 113 209 606
Machines and devices 50 430 211 34 824 420 48 101 390 91 780 200

Establishment 3

  Gross book value Net book value Market value Newly replacement value
Buildings and premises 112 056 528 58 700 569 69 086 221 222 561 425
Machines and devices 150 064 232 44 747 828 63 568 930 184 730 051

Evaluation of risk for insurance purposes

Evaluation of risk of insurance subject matter is aimed at creating a scenario of the biggest risk to the company’s property and profit. In order to get to know the scope of potential maximum obligation related to a single insurance event, insurers perform a valuation of the so-called possible maximum loss (PML). An expert valuation of possible maximum loss is not an easy task. It requires considering many potential scenarios of the course of loss, its factors and circumstances. While performing activities related to risk analysis we mainly draw on our knowledge and professional experience gained during loss liquidation. This is why we are able to perform efficient and quick risk evaluation with regard to property damage or loss of profit.

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Property valuation

The subject of this valuation are buildings, grounds, industrial properties, service properties, housing units, premises, buildings for different purposes (e.g. security of loans, buyouts, contributions, sale, depreciation, defining insurance sum). Valuations are made by adapting a valuation method to the intended purpose.

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Valuation of machines and devices

Valuation of machines, devices and other company components is performed by a team of engineers and analysts who currently deal with market valuations in the process of loss liquidation.
Owing to many years of experience and rich database on market and prices of machines, devices, electronic equipment etc. we are able to carry out valuation of every item of fixed assets, even the most unusual and specific one.

Stocktaking, property valuation

for purposes of accounting, insurance and sale/purchase agreements.

Technical expert opinions

specialist examinations of buildings, constructions, machines, including examinations of materials and constructions. Performed expert opinions allow for determining technical condition of the object, its further usability and possibilities of future adaptations.

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Valuation of companies

Valuation of companies – serves an informative, decisive, negotiating role, as well as helps in solving conflicts of interests. We carry out valuations on the basis of both property valuation method and income-based method, depending on the intended purpose, economic situation of the company and specific requirements of an orderer or an organization.

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